The Farm

                                                                         Our Production Center

We believe that good leadership is being able to live up to what one says. Many people know about what’s possible in life, but very few actually have the discipline and resilience to do something with the knowledge they have.

Our production Center is meant to serve as a farming business model that helps farmers develop the mindset, discipline and work ethic that enables them to thrive. We want to be a place where people can come and experience first-hand how running a successful farming enterprise looks like. Through this exposure, we hope more rural and small holder farmers will be motivated and inspired to move from subsistence farming to farming as a business. We want to see many farmers rising from the grassroots to running successful farming start-ups and participating in the building of the economy.

Farming plays a major role in Zimbabwe’s economy. Our desire is to grow AgroHealth Initiatives to become a  resource and research Center that serves farmers around the country.

Projects on the Farm

Livestock Projects

Our commercial livestock initiative is geared towards raising healthy livestock that can be sold for competitive prices at auctions, butcheries and other markets.

We believe if we're to rise beyond just sustaining our activities. We need to create value and profitable margins in all we do. Even though we presently depend on donor support to run our programs. Our desire to be able to finance most of our community engagement activities through our own sources of income. We want to see ourselves finance some of our future initiatives  both at home and abroad. 

Crop Production

Through this initiative, we desire to see a massive increase in crop production on our farm to levels where we can both use some of the produce to make our own livestock feeds and still also contribute towards national food security.  

We also want to see AgroHealth become a house name in producing some seeds varieties for different crops. The primary goal being to capacitate rural and small holder farmers through providing reasonable and affordable seeds. 

We also want to develop farming models that are cost effective and have the potential to give greater yields for the farmers. Most of our people are hard working and resilient but lack support, mentorship and resources.

As this initiatives grows and our resources increase. We want to come alongside as many farmers as we can, helping them built security for themselves and the future generations.  


Infrastructure Development

Setting up and having the right infrastructure is key for all that we do. These include, housing for workers, structures for different livestock, storage, farming implements and equipment, paddocks, electricity or solar power, more secure boundary fence for the farm amongst other infrastructural needs.  At the moment, We're at the initial stage of our farm's development strategy. We're slowly making progress but there is more to be done. We will be constantly posting photos and videos as we progress. If you're interested in partnering with us or want to make a donation or know more. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

The operations Team