Our Three Focus Areas

A Cord of Three Strings cannot be easily Broken


Farming as a Business
combined with research and development

With this initiative, our goal is to provide great opportunities for economic empowerment through farming start-ups programs. We know that with access to resources and mentorship, people can become inspired to learn and try out new things, develop new skill and with time and practice gain the confidence to do things differently.  

We also believe in promoting family systems that empower because they are the foundational blocks for building healthy communities.

When every family thrives, the community thrive.


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Farming start ups


Primary Health Care

When one lives in remote places where there are no health care facilities close by. Having some basic understanding of Primary health care becomes so important.

Primary health care includes health awareness, prevention, caring, advocacy and community participation.


Another important factor in primary health care is health literacy. We realise though that this topic can be sensitive especially when working with shame based cultures. It is therefore important to observe and understand the culture of a community, what is acceptable and what is not when dealing with health related issues. The level to which people are familiar with health-related language and concepts is also an important marker in helping communities achieve health literacy.

At AgroHealth Initiatives, we desire to break the stigma that often comes when dealing with issues of sickness and diseases. We also desire to see more men and women from different ages stepping up to be trained as primary Health facilitators and care givers in their communities. 

If you're a primary health care worker and love to use your skills to empower others, then we would love to connect with you. Send us you contacts  details on our contact page

Preventative action is synonymous to cure


Paradigm Shift

A paradigm Shift occurs when a community, family or individual become open to adapt and incorporate in their worldview a desire to understand new ideas and through that develop new ways of doing things.

There is a proverb that says, "you can't do the same thing in the same way over and over and expect to get different results."

At AgroHealth, we believe that the key to success in community development is helping communities  advance lifestyles that encourages Growth Mindsets. We desire to see communities create Healthy platforms that facilitates for their development and growth.


Personal and community development covers activities that focus on awareness of identity, development of talents and skills and building capacity and competence.

above all, communities need to learn how to engage irrespective of the different challenges they might encounter and learn to never give up. This is key in increasing their resilience and the tenacity to dare.

As a man thinks in his heart so is he

Farm Coordinates

North-West corner:

19 14’56.24”S

30 49’23.61” E

South-East Corner:

19 16’20.48”S  

30 49’18.53”E

The coordinates to the center on Google Earth are:

19 15’35.48” S

30 39’47.58” E 

East Corner:

19 15’24.75” S  

30 51’03.67”E

South-West Corner: 

19 16’06.44”S  

30 49’07.43E

Area view of farm on google

AgroHealth Farm
AgroHealth Farm

North-West corner: 19 14’56.24”S 30 49’23.61” E

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AgroHealth Farm
AgroHealth Farm

East Corner: 19 15’24.75” S   30 51’03.67”E

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AgroHealth Farm
AgroHealth Farm

South-West Corner:  19 16’06.44”S   30 49’07.43E

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AgroHealth Farm
AgroHealth Farm

North-West corner: 19 14’56.24”S 30 49’23.61” E

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Focus Districts